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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Legend Hackers of Pakistan Cyber Space

Hey, Me Muhammad Usman and I m back ho ho ha ha ha . . . . And this time, I came up with very very interesting post and very different from Regular Post. I thought, I should write history and name all those hackers, who was hell of passionate about hacking. At that time, most of them was in Student age so all are able to find time for hacking but now all just disappear in real world. That's just part of life. But we should become happy to remember the memories of old times. So lets start.....

"Pakistan Flag on Falcon HD Wallpaper"

  Members: Sniper, instinct, Rave, Heataz, Miller, rsnake
  Cyber Era: "2000 - 2002"

"Team Name: PAKbugs
 Members: ZombiE_KsA, Spo0fer, x00mx00m, Cyber-Criminal,  Big Smoke,  [MR.A]
 Cyber Era: 2006 - 2009"
"PAKbugs , Pakistani Hackers HD Wallpaper"

"Team Name: Muslim Liberation Army - MLA
 Members: XtReMiSt ~ KillerMind ~ Jerry Hassan ~ Hitcher ~ Syed Zaadaa ~ HyP3r-Boy ~      Zarb-E-Momin ~ fAchO ~ Radical Assassin
 Cyber Era: 2008 - 2011"
Muslim Liberation Army, Pakistani Hackers HD Wallpaper

"Team Name: CyberH0x0rs
 Members: Apendix, Sho0ter, Net_Spy
 Cyber Era: 2008 - 2010"
CyberH0x0rs, Pakistani Hackers HD Wallpaper

"Team Name: Napsters CrEw / Team Guardians
 Team Members: MrCreepy, Dr.Freak, Hax.r00t, Hex786, Seeker, Evil_Gang, Predaterspk
 Cyber Era: 2008 - 2010"
Napsters CrEw / Team Guardians, Pakistani Hackers HD Wallpaper

"Team Name: UrduHack
 Team Members: Hex-Coder, Shadow008, Death_Angle, Password_Cracker, Shozy, Badoo
 Cyber Era: 2009 - 2010"
UrduHack, Pakistani Hackers HD Wallpaper

"Team Name: Pak Cyber Pirates- PCP
 Team Members: | Cyb3r0ck3r | NoSwear | XXx_Death_xXX | MINDY | Gujjar Haxor |
 Cyber Era: 2009 - 2010"
Pak Cyber Pirates, Pakistani Hackers HD Wallpaper

"Team Name: The Hackers Army - THA
 Team Members: THA Disaster, THA X ....
 Cyber Era: Active Team"
The Hackers Army - Pakistani Hackers HD Wallpaper

"Team Name: Pak Cyber Eaglez - PCE
 Team Member: P@khtun~72, SP@RK, Code Crack3r, Sizzling Soul, Nob0dy, Master M!nd
 Cyber Era: 2012-2013"
Pak Cyber Eaglez - Pakistani Hackers HD Wallpaper

"Team Name: Robot Pirates
 Team Members: Cfr, Reaper Grim, Zq@r, Ninja Kai, 3xploit
 Cyber Era: 2011-2012"
Robot Pirates, Pakistani Hackers HD Wallpaper

"Team Name: Zcompany Hacking Crew - ZHC
 Team Members: Muslim Hackers
 Cyber Era: 2008-2012"
Zcompany Hacking Crew, Pakistani Hackers HD Wallpaper

Mann... it was hell of a post. I forgot most of people names now. lol. If i say in 2013 and now, Pakistani hackers make some new records of fighting with each others. I will not pointing any single group but all of them are responsible. In old times, we used to hack for learning. And now every one hack for fame. I hope, we will again see the real era of hackers again. Who really hack for their passion. Not for fame.

I really enjoy to make these wallpapers. i know, its very much possible that missed many of hackers name but my memory is not so good. I try my best to add those name, which was in my memory. If some one want to say any thing or give me any advice or some thing. Feel free to comment. You can also comment as Anonymous so feel free to comment. That's all for today. Remember in in your prayers. Bye bye....