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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hackers Wallpaper HD By Pcbots - Part-II

Salam! Yeah i am back on my Blog. And it defiantly feels good. Today i was in mood So make some Hackers Wallpapers  If you are hacker then i hope you defiantly will like it. 

"To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer"

- I hope many of you already saw this :) so there is no need to describe any more. One and only my big brother H4x0rL1f3.

- DDOS and Botnets . . .It feels like hell and this some seems like that hacker who is BOSS of botnets lol

- It is just so so but still Hacker Detected!

- This is cool and Me also like it. Bring it ON! 

- Linux user use this to admin that Linux is lot lot better that Windows hehe..

- The Quieter you become the more You Hear!

- I left hacking but still when i am sad it. Hack make me feels good!

- A fool with a tool is still a fool, And i Call them Noob! haha.. I like this one

- Window users common keys combination :P

- BackTack the Heaven of Hackers. If you have it then you got some cool toys to play with it.

- Laptop battery! 

- Brain! hacker really know how to use it!

- It is safe to turn off your PC.

- My Cat . . . ^_^

- THis is last one for Today. Always follow it!

Ok it took about 2 hours to make this post ^_^
Its time for rest. Tell me if you like or hate in comments. 

you can also check out part 1 of Hacker Wallpapers

That's all for Today! See ya!


Anonymous said...

i like your works brother. Thanks for sharing :)

AMMENS said...

real programmers don't write their codes
because it hard to write/also hard to read also..

Unknown said...

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