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Friday, January 11, 2013

Hackers Wallpaper HD By Pcbots - Part-IV

I am Back and this may be last post on Wallpapers. Now i am thinking to came backing in Hacking stuff. Next post will be on BackTrack tools and Coding :)

This Wallpaper is for my Brother 1337 "It's Leet Time"

Internet "It's a collective effort"

"Knowledge is Power"

"L1nux Dragon - Thankx to My Friend L1nux3rr0r"

"The Internet is full of Awful peoples also name is Hackers"

"I Love Robot Pirates Malwares"

"I am Hacker and I am Cool"

"Hackers Like a Boss!"

"By Doing Nothing, You will Become nothing  - Hacker Rule "

"My 2 Pakistani Coders Friends - L1nux3rr0r and PhpBugz"

"Simple and Cool Linux Wallpaper"

"Anonymous Hackers Wallpaper. Remain in Mask And Do what Ever you Want"

"Robot Pirates Coder Wallpaper"

"If you Control the Code you control the World"

So this is the end of Wallpapers. If you want to see more Hackers Wallpapers then crawl on my blog you will find other 3 parts.  Thanks if you like any thing in my Blog. See you Next time, See Ya!


Leslie Lim said...
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Anurag Rai said...

I like the high definition best quality wallpapers.

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