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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hackers Wallpaper HD By Pcbots - Part-III

Me back on blog and as Always it feels Goodddddd..... :D Nice Morning in Islamabad Pakistan XD Cloudy Morning hehe.. OK its start.

  • Your Computer is ON, ON OFF HD Geek Wallpaper

  • There is no place like

  • Thanks to Pakistani Hacker Hitcher for this Wallpaper. Hitcher is here.

  • Rules of Life and Hacking Wallpaper

  • I am noob ^_^ . If some real hackers see this wallpaper he will get what i mean my Zuhahaha... ;)

  • Google is my Teacher don't be evil. I will say Google is Like a Boss!

  • Eat Sleep Overloack. Life of us.

  • Hackers.... Hope that Fairwall Works Because you Screwed.

  • Don't mess with Hackers Other wise you will Pay!

  • There is always be a way in hacking, Code and Hack

  • LOL i am NOT Special and see it...

  • Reset :P Hacker don't have Reset Button.

  • See me NO more! We are Hacker and you can't see us.

  • Got Idea then use Linux

Thats all for Today
Other hackers wallpaper are also in same Blog
Check them also you will enjoy :P
Part-I Part-II & Part-IV

Allah hafiz.!


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