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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Anonymous Girls Hackers DP(Display Picture) - By pcbots Part-1

Hey! Today i was bored so i thought i should post some thing so....

"Girl with Pakistani Flag - By @pcbots. This Image i specially make for Pakistan"

"Cool Hacker Girl Profile Picture"

"Anonymous girl with palestine Scraf"

"Hacker attack by Ninja's. They are Every Where"

"Evil Eye"

"Red Girl in Snow"

"I call her Ninjeee...!!! "

"Girl with White Mask and No facial Expression"

"Girl with No Face"


"Scary Girl"

"heheh.. Badass :P "

That's all for Today. I hope you people may like any of it. You can comment on Post as anonymous so do tell in if you Like or hate it. SO i will care for Next time.
Bye bye tatata... :)

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

404 Error Messages - Page Not Found

Hello Every one! I hope their will be some one, some where, at some part of world who read my Blog and like my Graphic work. Or may be hate but still he/she is consider as my blog reader :D ho ho ha ha . . .
Enough my bla bla :P Its came back to Error Messages

" 404 - Page Not Found"

"404, Dude! Go Back"

"404 Page Not Found p.s. See you soon"

"It's Bad News - Page not found! 404"

"404 ~ your page is lost"

"Site Under Construction"

"404 OOPS! I can't find your page you are looking for"

"Simple 404 Error"

"404 Page cannot be Found"

"404 - Dead link"

"404 ~ Sorry No Type Here"

"404 page Not Found!"

"Keep Clam and 404 Page Not Found!"

"404 :( "

"Ever feel like you are in the wrong place? Perfect 404 Message :P"

That's all for today! i hope this post will be useful for web admins and web developer. I can also make any thing you like. You can click on Contact Us! Page. 

Bye bye! See you again!