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Thursday, October 25, 2012

How To make Bootable USB of Windows 7/Vista/xp

 Hey fellows. Today i will teach you how to make boot-able use to install windows. Now most of us Don't buy CD's so it is better to use our pen drive to install windows. There are many way to make boot-able USB.
      The best and easy way is that you can use Microsoft Windows7-USB-DVD-tool. This software tool is normally given by Microsoft and you purchase from the online Microsoft Store. This is really simple way to download window iso or use CD/DVD and make it bootable windows 7 in USB pen drive.
       To download Link Updated

      Download it form the link above and install it. just need to do next next and finish. :P
Then open file and you will see some thing like this

Click on Browse button and select the iso image of windows. And than Click Next

     Now you can create bootable USB or DVD. 1 more thing that if you make a bootable DVD then you will not able to use that DVD for any other perpose. If you DVD is RW DVD then you can delete data from your DVD. So it is better to use USB. It cheap and work same as DVD and USB can over write again and again :P Make sure you put USB or DVD in you PC before this Process.
For USB you have to select right drive which you want to make it bootable device.

    Now select the right device and click Begin copying

    Then this pop up came and ask you to totally formate your pen drive. I recommend you to double check that if any important data remain's. When you are sure that no important data is pen Drive then Click Erase USB Device

    This pop up will appear just to again warn you that recheck your drive and just click Yes

    When you click Yes then this window will come and that will take a little while to create Bootable.
Just start a song and chill for some time until that process will complete.

     Congrats you have successfully Created the Bootable USB device. just close this window. Start over is just to make any other bootable which now we are not interested.  Now you can use this USB to install operating system.
   If you got any issue feel free to ask us. Enjoy and C ya!

Make Your Computer Login Screen As FBI or ISI Pakistan ~ PCbots

HelloooO...!!!! All of you!
Me Usman form PCbots.
yeah me again back after long time :P I was busy in Exams :/ and i really hate exams. Today i was at my friend home and saw FBI Login Screen on start up Login Screen. It was really cool but Why FBI Why not ISI from my county :) So i make this

Now question rise why i make this post. Answer is quit simple.

  • Longing for some change in your life? 
  • Why not start with that boring old Windows XP logon screen? 
  • And it cool dammm cool. I m 99% sure that when ever you turn ON ur PC or Laptop people around you came and see. :D

lol my dialog seems like some kind TV advisement.

ISI Pakistan Login Page Image: 
"ISI Wallpaper , ISI Login Screen, ISI Pakistan"

You can change any Login screen according to your choice. Just make a Image and use software to adjust it.

You can Download from My Mediafire.

Enjoy! :) And Remember in your Prayers.

How to write to a file in C ~ PCbots

Hello, Me sorry really came after long time :)

Last night i was working on code just like a space eater malware for Linux. It is really easy to create and write some in file using C++ but in C it is little issue because of lack of  fstream.h header file. i find solution so though i should share with you peoples :)

This will work for both Linux and Windows.

// Author: Muhammad Usman // Name: Create_file_Read_Write.c// Date: 07/4/2012 // Description: Opens file by append example

   #include <stdio.h>   #include <sys/types.h>   #include <sys/dir.h>            int main()   {    /* Buit in C function to create Directory */    int c = mkdir("FolderName",0777); /* 2 Arguments, 1st one for folder name and 2nd one is for permission */    if(c==0) /* Check to confirm that directory is created or n0t */    {          printf("New Directory is Created \n");    }     else     {            printf("Error in Creation of Directory \n");     }
    FILE *file;  /* Create a File Pointer */        file = fopen("FolderName/file.txt","a+");  /* apend file (add text to a file or create a file if it does not exist.*/     fprintf(file,"%s","This is just an example and Mad person here :)"); /*writes*/     fclose(file); /*done!*/ 
    getchar(); /* pause and wait for key */ 
    return 0;}

// To run
// Just open Linux terminal
vim test.c [enter]
copy paste the code

// To save press Esc and then Write
// This will save(w) and Quit(q)

// To Compile
g++ -o test test.c (enter)

// to run file


Use Full Link:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Installing BackTrack 5 r2 and r3 Live On USB ~ PCbots

Hello, Today i am going to Teach you, How to Install backtrack 5 r2 and r3 Live on USB. Backtrack 5 r3 also have same process. No Difference at All but in this tutorial i will use r2.  So the question came in most of yours minds and why USB. It is Quit Simple because 
  • its is portable.
  • it work better than CD. CD got scratch. 
  • And got bigger size than USB so in every manner USB win. :P

I make YouTube video of live demonstration of installing backtrack on USB. Following are things you will need to download.

You can download backtrack .iso form backtrack official site. Chose backtrack version, GNOME, 32bit work well and you can direct download form IDM or any other downloaded or you can also use torrent to download it.

2nd thing you need is UNetbootin. This is the software used to make live USB of backtrack. You can download  UNetbootin form the link below.

Full Video Tutorial of Installing

Plug, Hack & Enjoy!