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Friday, March 28, 2014

Programmers And Coders Wallpapers HD By PCbots - Part - II

Elo, It's me Muhammad Usman, Today i got again some free time so i m going to pass it while blogging. Enjoy tea in my PCbots Lab's.

Today, its time for Programmers Wallpapers. I make very Good team of Programmers. So i make these Wallpapers for motivation of my new team. And Every one, who like to code, will like these wallpapers. 

"HD Programmers and Coders Wallpaper - Who is Programmer ? A tool for converting caffeine into Code. By PCbots"

"Need to Code? Caffeine Loading.... Please Wait - Programmer HD Wallpaper by PCbots"

"Keep Your Friend Close. And your charger closer. By PCbots"

"This is kind of programmer way of becoming awesome - By PCbots"

"Threading is very important part in Programming. If we got server involve then hell many of coding thread is need. Just a simple Wallpaper to give reminder of threading. Enjoy"

"Paper work is very very important for coders. A very awesome Wallpaper of laptop and paper work for coding."

"I think, our own computer is like heaven. Trust the computer, Its Your Friend. HD Wallpaper of Programmer Computer"

Some time, Computer come Evil. Like we say
"Don't hate Hacker, Hate the Code"

Founder of Linux say very interesting quot and i convert it into Wallpaper.
"Talk is cheap. Show me the Code - Linus Tarvalds" HD Programmer Wallpaper

"Lua - I specially add this wallpaper because most of people don't know about Lua Programming Language. Its mostly used for Scripting and few very awesome scripts are coded in Lua"

"There are only 2 parties that are seen like this. 1st one's are Programmers and coders. 2nd party is hackers. Most hard workers people, but they got power to change world. Respect for them."
Programmer Found HD Wallpaper By PCbots

"Trust me, I'm a Programmer HD Wallpaper By PCbots"

"Tea and Coffee is very important part of Programmers Life. Tea Time :) "

"Ctrl + W , Ctrl + O = Eyes Mind. Only Geek People Can Understand this. :)"

"Keep Clam and Love Programming."

"Team Work, NOT for Everyone - BY PCbots"

"If you Never Failed, You Never Tried Anything New"

"This is your Lifethis is your country and if you want to keep it safe, you need to get Involved. 
- Aaron Awartz 1986-2013.
Wallpaper Created By PCbots"

That's all for Today. Man i m so much tired after this. Not easy work.
Also check out my old collection of Programmers and Coders Wallpapers.

Programmers And Coders Wallpapers HD by PCbots

Work hard very one. It does not matter, you earn any thing or Not. If some one work hard, he/she will get reward. Keep remember me in your prayers. Allah Hafiz and Bye! :)

Plz comments, Even if you hate them. So i will able to know that some one really check it out. Your feedback always keep me going.



About Author:

Muhammad Usman - Designer, Security Expert and Programmer.
Muhammad Usman is a Professional Geek. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedinPinterest and Soundcloud.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Linux HD Wallpapers (BackTrack, Ubuntu, UNIX, Redhat)~ By PCbots

YooOO...!!! Its me Muhammad Usman in my PCbots Lab's. Very Awesome weather in Islamabad, Pakistan. I think its about 3 hours of continuous raining and i m loving it. :)

Ok You must read in title that what a huge monster, we have today. Its One and Only One! "Linux" and my 1st love. ho ho ha ha ha . . . .
Linux is open source and most loved OS for Hackers, Security Experts, Networking peoples, Mobile users and will save you from Government eyes. I try my best to post HD Wallpapers of Linux. I hope you will love it.

"LINUX HD Wallpaper By PCbots - "

"Windows Keep Clam and Install Linux - Linux HD Wallpaper"

"One OS to rule them all, One OD to find them.
One OS to call them all, And in salvation bind them.
In the bright land of Linux, Where Hackers Play."
HD Hacker Wallpapers By PCbots - Its all about hackers Games.

"Got Linux HD Wallpaper"

"Linux Console HD Wallpaper"

"Linux Commands List - Linux Commands HD Wallpaper"
If only you know the power of Command Line....

"Debian Linux HD Wallpaper"

"Redhat Linux HD Wallpaper by PCbots"

"Linux X HD Wallpaper" 

"Ubuntu, one of most user friendly version of Linux. Very easy to use and very secure. Internet work awesome and very cool Graphics."
Ubuntu HD Wallpaper

"Here come my Love - BackTack HD Wallpaper by PCbots"
Its kind of heaven of Hackers on Earth

"Here come UNIX, UNIX is one of most old version of Linux. its best of Servers and hell Awsome for Networking. UNIX is very selective about making friends :P"

"This is last Wallpaper for today. Linux greater than Windows HD Wallpaper"

That's all for today. I try my best to post best stuff on my Blog. I hop my blog give new color to your PC/Laptop. If you got any idea or any advice for me. Do comment and tell me about it.
For Blog updated follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Bye! ./logout

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Robot Pirates Wallpapers, Pakistani Hackers

AOA, I m back, Live from PCb0ts Lab's. This time i came up with an idea, Thanks to chat with some friends. So i thought i should make some Wallpapers for reminder that Pakistan also got few Good hackers in Past. Last time i made wallpapers from MadLeeTs and Xploiters. So Now i am going to Start new Series of Wallpapers of Each Team in Past. I m going to Start with Robot Pirates because lot of data about them is available on their Blog. Next will be PAKbugs, ZHC, MLA, Urdu Hack and others who left cyber world but remain in history as proud of Pakistan. 

I m very lazy about work so i just reuse already available images to make these, But believe me its not easy. I take lot of time to finalized all these Wallpapers. 

This Group was quit unique in Cyber World because they are all Malwares Experts and Programmers. So They deserve place on my Blog and New hackers must know them. They were Active in Cyber World from 2011 - 2012. 

"Robot Pirates Hackers Logo Wallpaper"

"CFR Robot Pirate"

"Reaper Grim Robot Pirate"

"Zqor Robot Pirate"

"Ninja Kai Robot Pirate"

"3xploit Robot Pirate"

"Sound Tack Used in most of there Deface Page."

That's all, i was able to find about them. I hope this Series will be Quit interesting. 

SoundCloud Channel ~ PCbots lab's

Salam, Me Muhammad Usman. I m in my PCbots Lab's and doing nothing today. :D

Today i thought, I should share some thing different today. So i thought, Music is one of good thing to keep us fresh. And i only like instrumental music so while working, my mind will not distract to song. I share few of my favorite music. I hope few of you like it.

I got huge collection of instrumental music in my laptop and if you people like these then i will surly share more.

That's all for Now. Tonight i have plan to go back in Graphics MOD. Next post will be related to some fresh cool Programmers and Hackers Wallpapers. If you did not check my old work then surf my blog. You will find them. Ok G its time to work. Bye bye... and Enjoy....!!!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

DDOS(Distributed Denial of Service) Attack Introduction ~ By PCbots

Salam, Me Muhammad Usman, live from my PCbots Lab's.

Today i m going to discuss about DDOS. Its very funny technique because its very difficult to stop. Its very common way to take down any server for temporarily amount of time. If server start responding then you site goes down. The worst thing about DDOS is that attacker need NO skills to attack on server. Attacker just need correct tools or bots and real IP of server.

What is DOS or DDOS ?
DOS stands for "Denial of Service" and DDOS stands for "Distributed Denial of Service" attack. In DDOS, An army of compromised system started to attack on single target. This will flood server with fake request and server goes down or stop responding.

DDOS Real Life Example:
If some one not able to understand then i give you a real life example. 
lets suppose, we have 1 eating table, which will act as server and 5 people can eat on table at a time. If some extra person can, those can wait in waiting room. Waiting room can keep 4 people waiting. In Computer Science, we call waiting room a "Que". 
So what will happen, if 10 more people came ??? Think about it.
Table is fill for specific time and more and more people are coming. Soon there will be no space on table as well as in waiting room. So No one is going to eat any thing. 
Same thing happen in DDOS. Server got too many request so it can't able to handle them all and server goes down. I hope you will understand idea of DDOS with eating example. 
And after example i started to feel hungry. :| Dammm.. you DDOS.

How many kinds of DDOS ?
Now i m going little advance. There are hundreds of way to create a DDOS attack but if we see as bird eye then all attacks lies in 3 categories. 
1. Volumetric Attacks:-
The main idea about volumetric attacks are to consume all bandwidth with in network of target server OR between the bandwidth of Target server and Internet. So there will be no bandwidth for public user of server or target. In simple words to heart fail the network between internet and target server. 

2. TCP State-Exhaustion Attacks:-
TCP State-Exhaustion is quit interesting. When we talk about TCP connection then we will also talk about connection state tables. These connection state table are present in many places in server. i.e firewall, server applications, and any other service working on server. The more services running on server, the more server is vulnerability to DDOS. Its true that due to threading, its possible to maintaining states on millions but still its not so difficult to take down those services.

3. Application Layer Attacks:-
Very very common attack in last 2 to 3 years and quit difficult to stop it. Basically in Application layer attacks, we only target some specific application running on target server. i.e HTTP GET flood. This attack don't need lot of traffic so few machine can attack on target server and due to low traffic, it become very difficult to to detect. 

How to DDOS Attack? - Unleash the HELL ( ^_^ )
There are hell many Scripts, tools and botnets to throw packets on server.  Just Google it and you will find too many results. Google Images
We got some php scripts and i think we forgot to put DDOS script in Madspot Shell :/ 
We got Python, ruby, Perl, php scripts for DDOS from server to Target server.
We got some tools in and C# for through UDP packets from your PC to target Server.
We also got some old Russian DDOSer in C++ and C. Hell fast and threading at high number.
We also got botnets, i think, i also show you a screen short.

You can generate about 50GB/s DDOS attack on Server using Botnets. Mostly server goes down with only 2GB/s DDOS. But its totally illegal and very noobish thing to do. 

How to Protect ?
- Hide your real IP.
- Get Powerful server.
- Use fake IP like Cloud-flare
- Use Script to block IP's which give too much extra traffic from your server.

When you have to fight with botnets then its quit difficult to stop DDOS. Only powerful server is solution which can bear hell of traffic. 

Today i talk about only introduction about DDOS. This month, i will not write any thing advance because if you don't know about basic then how can you understand advance logics. Like if you find SQL Injection on site DB and it did not give you admins password but you can use that injection point for DDOS on Database. I will teach you about these advance techniques in next section. Use Google! 
That's all for today. i m now really tired after writing this post. I need a drink :( Some one ? Any one ? So No one :( lol just kidding. i m going to cafe :D

Little Advice:
The world is full of niCe people, If you don't find one then Be One! :)

If you need to ask me some thing directly then you can find me on social media with user name "usman.pcbots"(Skype, fb, Gtalk), PCbots Lab's

Bye Bye and keep learning.....

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to hack Facebook Account [20 Different Ways] ~ By PCbots

Salam to All,
Me Muhammad Usman from PCbots.

I don't know why, But about 100+ people ask me hack Facebook Account of any person. *__* My Question to them, WHyyyyyyy...!!! Ok i admit that i am Ethical Hacker but we work really hard to learn techniques. Public thinks that we have software and we add Email and BingoOO...!!! 
Game Over! I wish that it would be that simple but unfortunately, There is No Such thing like Facebook Hacking software. What you think that Companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter are sleeping ??? They spend million of $ to set security every year.

These are 20 very common ways to Hack Facebook accounts. You can also use same techniques to hack, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Twitter and all mailing account.

1. Social Engineering
2. Facebook Phishing
3. Keylogging
4. Password Stealers
5. Brute Force Attacks
6. Dictionary Attacks
7. Exploiting Facebook's Trusted Friend Feature
8. Fake SMS 
9. Session Hijacking
10. Sidejacking
11. Clickjacking
12. Mobile Phone Hacking
13. DNS Spoofing
14. USB Hacking
15. Man In the Middle Attacks
16. Botnets
17. By Pass Security Question
18. Cookies Grabbing
19. Using Facebook App's
20. Steal Victim Laptop/Cell Phone

There are few more ways to hack accounts but i think, its better to remain them private. 

Hackers Facts
80% Hackers receives request of Hacking Facebook Accounts from their Real Life Friends.

How to Protect yourself from Hackers ?
Install Firewall in your PC. I think Firewall is more Important then AV(Anti Virus). Windows firewall is shit, so don't trust on it. 
If you have some important Stuff on Facebook or Gmail then make new Email ID(Its free so Chill) and make yourself Admin of Pages and put mobile verification on it. And Turn ON all Security stuff which is available. Hide that Email ID from Public. And use 2nd one for Content Creating and other stuff.
At least in 2 month, Reset you Password for once.
Don't use same password at every place. 
Clean Cookies every month. 
Don't run exe files, which download my itself. 
There is NO such thing like 100% Security. So Chill. 

That's all for today. We will discuss one by one all topics mention above with Piratical. Every thing i teach is just for learning purpose. 

If got any Question, then put it in comments or find me on Social media. 
User Name: usman.pcbots (Facebook, Gtalk, Skype).

Bye Bye.... And Keep learning. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Introduction to Hacking - Noobs Friendly ~ PCbots Lab's

AOA, Live from my PCbots Lab's. My Name is Muhammad Usman. I m from Islamabad, Pakistan. 

Today, i am going to talk about some basic technique about hacking. Off course, we will also about in detail in future but today will just talk about basics.

What is Hacking ?
Every one has their own definition of hacker, But i think, Hacker is person who think outside the Box. Who explore system and see and observe things in different angle. 
Let's have an example. What happen, when you see things very closely ??
It become very difficult to observe things. So we just need to change angle to see things. It will give us more information and better view. 

There are different "Types of Hackers". You can read in link, if you want to know more. 

What we have for hacking ?
Now the most basis question about hacking is about devices for hacking. There is huge list.
We have Windows, Windows phones, Linux, Android, SCADA, Networks, Servers(Linux, Unix, Windows, MAC and many many more), Banks, VPS, SMTP servers and each and every thing which is connected with Internet. By the way, those devices which are not connected to internet can also be hacked but its after long way to go. We need medium to hack any thing. 
Only GOD is perfect. So every system make by man must have some venerability or mistake in it. Hacker are those, who exploit those mistakes made programmers mostly. 

How many techniques for hacking?
This question is very difficult to answer because now in 2014, we have 1000's of techniques for hacking. Even people are hacking flying drones of army. 

- For Servers and defacers
SQL Injection
XXS, Cross sites Scripting
DNS Poisoning and Port Exhaustion
Kernel rooting
Social Engineering(Making fool dump Admins)
LFI, Web 0days and bugs.
DDOS (Denial of Service Attack)

- For Regular Computers User
spy tools
Shared data
Cookies hijacking
Fake Tools(Like Facebook hacking software's)
and many many more. 

Who are more dangerous then hackers??
The Answer is "Cracker"or "Black-hat". These are some hell genius people, There fight is with System. They find ways to Crack system and create damage. Never mess with them on Internet. 

If you want to become "Ethical hacker OR White Hat Hacker Or Security Expert"(Person who stop Hackers) then Google every topic separately and understand working of Computers and Systems. Hacking is all about Determination with mind that can think outside the box. And if you work hard, you will surly become hacker. 

Only thing is person to see is his/her manners. Never forget this. 

If you want to ask any Question then you can find me on Social media with usman.pcbots(Gmail, Skype, Facebook). Or comment. That's all for today. See you Next time. Allah Hafiz. :)