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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Anonymous Hackers DP(Display Picture) - By pcbots Part-2

Hello, Me back! 

Things is lot change now. Yeah i know i know that i did not update blog about long time. Really every one, Now life become hell busy. Work work and more work. Today is Eid holiday so i get time to update blog. I really got lot of ideas in my mind but don't have time to make stuff. 

This is kind of just test post for warm up. I have few Dark side images in my "Bad Sector"(My Laptop Name). So i thought i should make them public.

"Old times, when used to hack free Wifi on streets."

"Anonymous Girl Hackers DP By pcbots"

"Anonymous Hackers DP By PCbots"

"Black hat is always very attractive for me. Blackhat Anonymous Girl DP"

"No idea who is she but she is looking kind of cool. What u say?"

"Scary! Behind a mask there is an Idea, And Ideas are kiss proof"

"Black hat dude with smokey apple"

"That's me. back at my village home. Very Scary place and without editing , i feel like Ninja"

That's all. I know this is very small post but dude u know, i have to work for living. :)

Bye Bye and see Ya!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hackers Wallpaper HD By Pcbots - Part-X

Salam, Today is holiday so again i got some time to update my blog. I know i post very very rare but i will make sure that every post of my blog will worth to read. So today i m in mood to making Hackers Wallpapers. My PCbots lab's is quit set now. Me and Danyal is also start work on few new projects and products. Wish us best of luck.Now came back to our post.

"Anonymous wallpaper hd - 1st of all i must clear that few people think that Anonymous is one single hackers Group. This is totally lie and fake. Every unknown hacker, who hack as anonymously is consider as Anonymous hacker."

"Anonymous wallpaper hd - We are Anonymous. We are Legion, We do not forgive. We do not forget. "

"Anonymous hackers wallpaper hd - We are Anonymous. We are Legion, We do not forgive. We do not forget."

"Government don't let hackers to raise their life. Wikeleaks is huge example. Truth is always bitter so mostly is hit hard."

"Geek love HD Wallpaper By PCbots"

"I found really cool wallpaper. Real Creator is unknown. Mobile phone invocation HD Wallpaper "

"What are you look at ? -- Every one of you is watched - So be careful on Digital World. Don't let others to read your digital Life. "

"One of my favorite person in Technology. Read and always remember that Work in team. One is always alone and 2 are eleven. Steve jobs HD Wallpaper by pcbots"

"How can i not include these dudes. I watch season "Silicon Valley" related to IT world. I recommend every CS person to watch this season. Silicon Valley Team HD Wallpaper."

"Anonymous hackers wallpaper hd - We are Anonymous. We are Legion, We do not forgive. We do not forget.
Group of unknown people create Anonymous."

"Love life of Geek, Hackers, programmers and designers. PCbots Wallpaper"

"Always be Original and honest. "

"Yo! We hackers was consider as bad people and now we see that same thing did by Government and they become good people. WTF"

That's all for today. InshAllah i will came back soon with some thing new. Will remember me in your prayer and will you latter.

if you got any advice or idea for me Do let me know. U can Email me at

Bye bye and take care.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Ninja Bot By PCbots Labs - (X MadSpoT Security Team)

Salam, Its me again Muhammad Usman, from PCbots Labs. Today i have Danyal Malik, my friend Xtream Programmer is with me in Lab. As a Pakistani hackers programmers, we  code 1st Pakistani Botnet. Last time u see Me and Ali coded Pakistani 1st PHP Backdoor shell name with" Madspot Security Shell". We got about 10'000 plus download of Madspot Shell. We really want to code lot of stuff but time is huge issue for us. :( We have to work for others to get 3 times meal. So inshAllah, When ever we get time, we will make some thing interesting again.

We was working on special Project related to Botnets. We are here, With Pakistani 1st Botnet + RAT and use some Malwares Skills to hide and spread. Till now its 100% FUD, May be because we code it ourselves. As a coding point of view, Code is generic and can handle all data and scripts dynamically. 

Basic Features:-
  • Backdoor
  • System Basic Info.
  • Screen Shots.
  • Live Command execution from Bot Master. 
  • Offline Script Execution.
  • Script Execution on Effected Systems. 
  • With Very few System Dependencies.
  • Logs dump in SQL Server Even system connects with internet after a year. 

This is admin panel of botnet logs panel. Its in We again also work on cool hackers Design so it give little feel related to hacking. I hope u will like it. 

This is admin panel with all details of botnet shares, DOS access etc. Graphic are also working cool like hell.

This panel is related to scripts. Like what is scripts for, what is time and data, should we need to take screen short of effected PC. Is script executed or not. Any DOS command and etc...

We added IP based search and also added MAC based search to get accurate response for effective PC.

This part get screen short and store in DB. You can view all details of screen shorts with time and data in panel. 

We use high level OOP using C# to code this. We also convert code in C++ and generate executable file. 

We think that there is lot of work need to be done. So i m not going to public it now. Their are few bugs and more testing is need to make final product. InshAllah soon i will update this Post with Download Link and Tutorial.

If some one got any query or question then feel free to mail us at 
Danyal Malik:
Muhammad Usman:

Regards, :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sniper Rifles HD Wallpapers By PCbots

Salam, Me Muhammad Usman with very very strange post on my Blog. I am a huge fan of Sniper Rifle and kind of good player with snipers in Computer games. Still i don't get chance to touch real thing but one day, my this dream with fulfill. lol

I got a cool collection of sniper Rifles Wallpapers so i thought i should share with others and also  put on blog as a backup.

"Dragunov SVD (Soviet Union) - Light Weight, I think about 4 - 5 KG. Legend Rifle - HD Wallpaper"

"Barrett, M82A3, M107, Light fifty, large-caliber sniper rifle, Barrett Firearms Company, Sniper"

"Orsis T-5000 - Russian Sniper - Quit light weight and deadest buti"

"Orsis T-5000 - HD Sniper Rifle Wallpaper"

"SV-98 One is hell buti in Earth
The SV-98 is a Russian bolt action sniper rifle designed by Vladimir Stronskiy. In 2003 special operations troops were armed with the 7.62 mm 6S11 sniper system comprising the SV-98 sniper rifle and 7N14 sniper enhanced penetration round. Wikipedia"

"US  Istiglal Sniper Rifle HD Wallpaper - Azerbaijan "

"Sniper Rifle HD Wallpaper By PCbots"

"Orsis T-5000 - An other Russian Baby with high precision Aim. It don't miss"

"AWP HD Sniper Rifle Wallpaper - British-made sniper rifle i think some people also call it L96, But not sure about it"

"An other Angle of AWP Sniper Rifle Wallpapers. I fall in love with this baby in Counter Strike 1.6 lol just kidding."

"Snipers Team Walking HD Wallpaper"

"Images is too much edited but she got sniper in her hands so i put it here just for show sha. Women with Remington XM2010 Sniper Rifle HD Wallpaper"

"Women with Mini Sniper Rifle"

"Girl with Gun HD Wallpaper"

"Sniper HD Wallpaper with Army Women"

That's all for today. I know that post is not relative to my blog but some how it is. Snipers and Hackers have one thing common. If you know what i mean. lol Will see you next time with some thing cool. Allah Hafiz.


About Author:

Muhammad Usman - Designer, Security Expert and Programmer.
Muhammad Usman is a Professional Geek. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, YouTubePinterest, Behance and Soundcloud.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Programmers And Coders Wallpapers HD By PCbots - Part - II

Elo, It's me Muhammad Usman, Today i got again some free time so i m going to pass it while blogging. Enjoy tea in my PCbots Lab's.

Today, its time for Programmers Wallpapers. I make very Good team of Programmers. So i make these Wallpapers for motivation of my new team. And Every one, who like to code, will like these wallpapers. 

"HD Programmers and Coders Wallpaper - Who is Programmer ? A tool for converting caffeine into Code. By PCbots"

"Need to Code? Caffeine Loading.... Please Wait - Programmer HD Wallpaper by PCbots"

"Keep Your Friend Close. And your charger closer. By PCbots"

"This is kind of programmer way of becoming awesome - By PCbots"

"Threading is very important part in Programming. If we got server involve then hell many of coding thread is need. Just a simple Wallpaper to give reminder of threading. Enjoy"

"Paper work is very very important for coders. A very awesome Wallpaper of laptop and paper work for coding."

"I think, our own computer is like heaven. Trust the computer, Its Your Friend. HD Wallpaper of Programmer Computer"

Some time, Computer come Evil. Like we say
"Don't hate Hacker, Hate the Code"

Founder of Linux say very interesting quot and i convert it into Wallpaper.
"Talk is cheap. Show me the Code - Linus Tarvalds" HD Programmer Wallpaper

"Lua - I specially add this wallpaper because most of people don't know about Lua Programming Language. Its mostly used for Scripting and few very awesome scripts are coded in Lua"

"There are only 2 parties that are seen like this. 1st one's are Programmers and coders. 2nd party is hackers. Most hard workers people, but they got power to change world. Respect for them."
Programmer Found HD Wallpaper By PCbots

"Trust me, I'm a Programmer HD Wallpaper By PCbots"

"Tea and Coffee is very important part of Programmers Life. Tea Time :) "

"Ctrl + W , Ctrl + O = Eyes Mind. Only Geek People Can Understand this. :)"

"Keep Clam and Love Programming."

"Team Work, NOT for Everyone - BY PCbots"

"If you Never Failed, You Never Tried Anything New"

"This is your Lifethis is your country and if you want to keep it safe, you need to get Involved. 
- Aaron Awartz 1986-2013.
Wallpaper Created By PCbots"

That's all for Today. Man i m so much tired after this. Not easy work.
Also check out my old collection of Programmers and Coders Wallpapers.

Programmers And Coders Wallpapers HD by PCbots

Work hard very one. It does not matter, you earn any thing or Not. If some one work hard, he/she will get reward. Keep remember me in your prayers. Allah Hafiz and Bye! :)

Plz comments, Even if you hate them. So i will able to know that some one really check it out. Your feedback always keep me going.



About Author:

Muhammad Usman - Designer, Security Expert and Programmer.
Muhammad Usman is a Professional Geek. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedinPinterest and Soundcloud.