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Sunday, April 14, 2013

MadSpoT Security Team Shell (Version 1.0), Download

Hello, I m Muhammad Usman. Programmer and Security Expert.
MadSpot Security Team first php shell. Madspot shell is Multiple function And work on both Windows and Linux servers. Madspot shell is really fast and has many Private tools in it.

Madspot Shell 1.0 Have Following Features:
- Process List
- Eval
- SQL Command Panel
- Hash Genration
- Perl and PHP Back Connect
- Zone-h mass defacer
- Powerfull DDOS tool form Server
- Auto Safe mood Off (priv8)
- Whole Server Auto Symlink (Priva8 Coded)
- Perl 500 Internal Error Bypass
- Killcode (Delete Shell)

MadSpot Security is light and i think it better to use shell than cpanel :P
Here is the Original Code for coders to learn and understand code.

Facebook Offical Page:
Madspot Coders Page: // For any question ask directly to them

My Mail ID:

Product of PCbots Lab's

That's all for today. Really miss old days :) bye bye..

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hackers Wallpaper HD By Pcbots - Part-V

So i m really tired today so it better to update my blog to fresh my mind :D
lets start then
"Got Root ?? Give True look of Blackhat hacker"


"System failure green hackers Wallpaper with matrix background"

"Spammer forever, fall in love with hacking bots wallpaper"

"Game is not over yet - Robot Pirates"

"6. White Cat hacker wallpaper - Pure Evil"

"7. We can see you - Anonymous Wallpaper"

"8. Backtrack Dragon in silver HD Wallpaper"

"9. Find hackers in ip Wallpaper - Catch me if you can"

"10. Eagle Wallpaper"

"Its Only Pain which lead's us to achieve some thing special."

"11. We hackers Control the world "

"12. Hackers Pirates Wallpapers"

"13. Hacker Symbol - Hacker Life"

"14. Information Want to be free Wallpaper by pcbots"

"15. Sniper wait for Right Time"

"Information is power. But like all power, There are those who want to keep it for themselves - Aaron Swartz 1986-2013"

That's all for today, I really work hard in it so comment if you like or hate so i can improve for next time.

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