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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Make Your Computer Login Screen As FBI or ISI Pakistan ~ PCbots

HelloooO...!!!! All of you!
Me Usman form PCbots.
yeah me again back after long time :P I was busy in Exams :/ and i really hate exams. Today i was at my friend home and saw FBI Login Screen on start up Login Screen. It was really cool but Why FBI Why not ISI from my county :) So i make this

Now question rise why i make this post. Answer is quit simple.

  • Longing for some change in your life? 
  • Why not start with that boring old Windows XP logon screen? 
  • And it cool dammm cool. I m 99% sure that when ever you turn ON ur PC or Laptop people around you came and see. :D

lol my dialog seems like some kind TV advisement.

ISI Pakistan Login Page Image: 
"ISI Wallpaper , ISI Login Screen, ISI Pakistan"

You can change any Login screen according to your choice. Just make a Image and use software to adjust it.

You can Download from My Mediafire.

Enjoy! :) And Remember in your Prayers.


Qaisar Shah said...

Hello Usman I am trying this software using window xp how can I do? it while this is for windows 7.

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