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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Different Types of Hacker and their Thinking ~ PCbots

The different kinds of types of hackers there are, so people don't misunderstand what they are

White Hat: A hacker who is motivated to explore systems for intellectual curiosity, rather than for malicious or criminal intent. White hat hackers oppose doing damage to systems, stealing data, or interrupting service to a Web site. But their activities may be illegal if they explore systems they aren't authorized to enter. White hats can also unintentionally damage or delete data. Many white hat hackers work as well-paid security consultants, programmers, and network administrators. Refers to ethical hackers as well, as they (usually) only break into systems and pentest IF they have permission, thus they don't have a reason to do anything malicious except if it has been requested by f.ex. a contracting corporation (which is quite unlikely). These are also refered to as the good guys, as most of them makes proof of concept, consulting, etc. Which helps the internet to become more secure (even though their proof of concept are usually abused by f.ex. script kiddies). It should be said though, that occasionally black hats has been seen claiming they're white hats, and also (of course) that script kiddies were white hats. 

Black Hat: If you think of www as the wild, wild west, then you can guess on which side of the law the black hat hacker operates. Black hat hackers (aka "crackers") steal data or damage systems. The most dangerous black hats are able to remain undetected for years, secretly monitoring a victim's PC for whatever nefarious purpose they have in mind. This is the type of hacker that hacks for usually personal gain, weather it is economical, political or just fun doesn't matter. There's no such thing as respect for authorities, loyalty or morale (if there were, then they would be more near the gray hat area). In this case there's often found script kiddies claiming that they are pure black hat, because it sounds cool, destroying and might work with non-hackers to induce a state of "awesomeness", even though the real hackers would have no problem seeing that the person is just a script kiddo.

Red Hat- A Red Hat is an Aggressive Version of a White Mage in the employ of a Government Agency whose purpose is to hack into the Computer Mainframes of other Governments with the Goal of Disabling or Cripping them.

A Grey Hat-

A Grey Hat in the computer security community, refers to a skilled hacker who sometimes acts legally, sometimes in good will, and sometimes not. They are a hybrid between white and black hat hackers. They usually do not hack for personal gain or have malicious intentions, but may or may not occasionally commit crimes during the course of their technological exploits.


One reason a grey hat might consider himself to be grey is to disambiguate from the other two extremes: black and white. It might be a little misleading to say that grey hat hackers do not hack for personal gain. While they do not necessarily hack for malicious purposes, grey hats do hack for a reason, a reason which more often than not remains undisclosed. A grey hat will not necessarily notify the system admin of a penetrated system of their penetration. Such a hacker will prefer anonymity at almost all cost, carrying out their penetration undetected and then exiting said system still undetected with minimal damages. Consequently, grey hat penetrations of systems tend to be for far more passive activities such as testing, monitoring, or less destructive forms of data transfer and retrieval.

The Ghost Hacker (Spammers)

This type of hacker, doesn't exist as the person behind has hidden that identity so well he should never get caught. The reason why it's unlikely he would get caught is due to he's extremely well skilled and also very focused on what he is doing. The ghost hacker lives though, a double-life in the real world and also virtually. He has a job, usually an anonymous IT-job in the middle-class, which he does without any problems. He has a normal route and routine on the internet just as the others of us, but this whole identity is just an identity to hide his real intentions. In his other life, which NO ONE knows about, he has probably a room with separate machines, which are quite stealthy. The last note about ghost hackers is they (usually) make big money on their things, and they might use a lot of time on doing the work with their contractors which are of course, hidden as well.

Blue Hat- A Blue Hat is a Rouge Hacker who hacks for fun or to get revenge on a certain person or company who may have angered them. You should avoid angering or offending Blue Hats, this should be very easy due to the fact that most Blue Hats are passive in nature and would rather practice on a person that they REALLY hate. Blue Hats are akin to "Noobs" due to the fact that they don't really care that much about hacking.

Green Hat- A Green Hat is a name for a New/Newb Hacker, who is just starting to practice hacking. Green Mages are akin to "Newbs" due to the fact that they show a desire to learn about hacking and listen to more experienced hackers, and also they don't suffer from the ADHD-like Noobdom of Blue Hats.

The Script Kiddie
A script kiddie is not a hacker. He doesn't have the required knowledge about computers, servers and networks, infact only very basical knowledge about protocols, if he even knows what a protocol is. He's usually not capable of programming anything, though he's usually found on forums where similar exchanges ignorance. These kind of guys usually claims they know a lot, even though they really don't thus they are also found striking very at very random targets, on todays internet usually google picks their targets for them by using googledorks which might have even been made by other more skilled hackers. Most script kiddies doesn't understand anything in depth, yet they think they know a lot cause they can do their advanced stuff on windows machines.

Now My own Point of view is that 

World Best Defacer or Web hackers are "Turkish"
They hack 1 million plus sites and really make hell in cyber space.

World Best Coders are "Russians

Russian hacker codes are really really dangerous and what they code in 2003 are now used in 2012. This shows the level of Russian coders.

Reference : Google Images


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