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Saturday, August 3, 2013

404 Error Messages - Page Not Found

Hello Every one! I hope their will be some one, some where, at some part of world who read my Blog and like my Graphic work. Or may be hate but still he/she is consider as my blog reader :D ho ho ha ha . . .
Enough my bla bla :P Its came back to Error Messages

" 404 - Page Not Found"

"404, Dude! Go Back"

"404 Page Not Found p.s. See you soon"

"It's Bad News - Page not found! 404"

"404 ~ your page is lost"

"Site Under Construction"

"404 OOPS! I can't find your page you are looking for"

"Simple 404 Error"

"404 Page cannot be Found"

"404 - Dead link"

"404 ~ Sorry No Type Here"

"404 page Not Found!"

"Keep Clam and 404 Page Not Found!"

"404 :( "

"Ever feel like you are in the wrong place? Perfect 404 Message :P"

That's all for today! i hope this post will be useful for web admins and web developer. I can also make any thing you like. You can click on Contact Us! Page. 

Bye bye! See you again!


Mohit Khanna said...
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Mohit Khanna said...


First of all ... beautiful work! Are these images free to use? Asking as the page did not mention anything specific about usage restrictions.


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