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Friday, September 20, 2013

Islamic Wallpapers HD ~ By Pcbots


Today i m not posting some thing very different, not related to hacking or Technology. Life always got up's and down's so these are some Words of Quran which will guide you. Just have faith on GOD.

"It is only those who have knowledge among Allah's servants who fear Him." 
[Surah Fatir:28]

"And he found you Lost, and Guided [You]" 
[Surah ad-Dhuhaa :7]

"Remember me -
I will Remember You"
[Surah Al-Baqarah 2:152]

"And He is with you wherever you are. And Allah , of what you do, is Seeing."
[Surat Al-Ĥadīd: 4]

"On that Day you will be brought to judgement
and none of your secrets
will remain hidden.
Quran 69:18"

"Never give up hope
of Allah's Mercy.
Quran 12:87"

that's all for today. I hope you will like it. May Allah bless All of you! Allah Hafiz and see yaa..!!


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