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Monday, July 7, 2014

Ninja Bot By PCbots Labs - (X MadSpoT Security Team)

Salam, Its me again Muhammad Usman, from PCbots Labs. Today i have Danyal Malik, my friend Xtream Programmer is with me in Lab. As a Pakistani hackers programmers, we  code 1st Pakistani Botnet. Last time u see Me and Ali coded Pakistani 1st PHP Backdoor shell name with" Madspot Security Shell". We got about 10'000 plus download of Madspot Shell. We really want to code lot of stuff but time is huge issue for us. :( We have to work for others to get 3 times meal. So inshAllah, When ever we get time, we will make some thing interesting again.

We was working on special Project related to Botnets. We are here, With Pakistani 1st Botnet + RAT and use some Malwares Skills to hide and spread. Till now its 100% FUD, May be because we code it ourselves. As a coding point of view, Code is generic and can handle all data and scripts dynamically. 

Basic Features:-
  • Backdoor
  • System Basic Info.
  • Screen Shots.
  • Live Command execution from Bot Master. 
  • Offline Script Execution.
  • Script Execution on Effected Systems. 
  • With Very few System Dependencies.
  • Logs dump in SQL Server Even system connects with internet after a year. 

This is admin panel of botnet logs panel. Its in We again also work on cool hackers Design so it give little feel related to hacking. I hope u will like it. 

This is admin panel with all details of botnet shares, DOS access etc. Graphic are also working cool like hell.

This panel is related to scripts. Like what is scripts for, what is time and data, should we need to take screen short of effected PC. Is script executed or not. Any DOS command and etc...

We added IP based search and also added MAC based search to get accurate response for effective PC.

This part get screen short and store in DB. You can view all details of screen shorts with time and data in panel. 

We use high level OOP using C# to code this. We also convert code in C++ and generate executable file. 

We think that there is lot of work need to be done. So i m not going to public it now. Their are few bugs and more testing is need to make final product. InshAllah soon i will update this Post with Download Link and Tutorial.

If some one got any query or question then feel free to mail us at 
Danyal Malik:
Muhammad Usman:

Regards, :)


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