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Sunday, July 10, 2011

CMD (Command Prompt)

Today i am going to talk about some basic command of CMD.

CMD is shell of microsoft windows. In simple words, windows are the GUI(Graphic user interface) of CMD. If some one want to become computer expert or Hacker then he should have full command on CMD.
1- Press "Start" button
2- Open "Run"
3- Write "cmd" and Press Enter
 That,s its view and we also call it terminal.

Now i will start from some basic commands.
*Note: Do not include " "(inverted comma) in cmd.
- Write "  dir    " this will show all directories(folders and files) in current file.

- Write " cd     " this will change your directory or folder. i.e "  cd c:  " Press Enter
- Write " cd..   " this is used is back in CMD.
- Write " ipconfig " this will show your IP and MAC information.
- Write " Ping(space)website_name " this will ping that website i.e " ping "

- Write "  exit  " this will exit or close the CMD terminal.


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