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Friday, July 29, 2011

YouTube Videos In Super HD (3072p) Format

YouTube has released video formats including the Full-HD Super HD 3072p format. Yeah That’s right. YouTube now allow to upload and download about 4096×3072 resolution unbelievable resolution. Be leave me its very very cool experience watching that much HD videos.

    For more than half a year now YouTube has supported 1080p videos but today they raised the bar even more by supporting native resolution videos up to 4K or 2304p (4096×2304). While cameras that actually record in this format are quite a bit out of the grasps of the average YouTube this allows for much higher quality content to be uploaded and stored on YouTube’s servers and in turn be delivered to viewers. Five years ago HD cameras were too pricey for most consumers, who knows where we will be in five more years.

Enjoy Vedio in Super HD :)


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