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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Programmers And Coders Wallpapers HD by PCbots

Salam, Its me Muhammad Usman From PCbots.
Today i work on Coders Wallpapers. You can also say those Hackers Wallpapers because real hacker are programmers. I hope you peoples like it. So lets start.

"Will Write Code for Coffee. Yeah by the way its really True, Most of time at night it feels same like this Wallpaper. And because i m C++ programmer so i put C++ on coffee cup. hehe.. I hope Every Programmer will like it"

"Coders, Think twice and Code once - As a Programmer, i will advice you that always thing twice with logic of code. Always do paper work before coding. Paper work always save your time in Coding. Light bulb is also symbol of Thinking so i added that lol It make seance"

"C++ Programming HD Wallpaper. I m also C++ Programmer so as C++ programmer this wallpapers is one of my favorite. If you want to become hacker then 80% of Viruses and Trojans are coded in C++. Learn and Rock ON!  "

"C hello world program Wallpaper. Now "hello, World!" Program become symbol of starting Programming. So if you are new programmer then this Wallpaper should be your motivation "

"While true; HD Wallpaper"

"Simple Write Code Wallpaper"

"Programmers can create new world in code ~ HD Programmers Wallpaper"

"Programmers never die Wallpaper. Basically when i make this Wallpaper i got PHP function in my mind die() used to kill connection. In Programming some time when we are not able to make logic or some error make hell life then don't give up. Coding is not meant for every one."

"Java Programming Wallpaper"

"Python Programming Wallpaper"

"php Programming Wallpaper"

"The compiler Wallpaper for Programmers"

"If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the programming must be the process of putting them in"

"lol This one is little funny for Programmers because its is 100% true and even some time i write only few lines of code with simple cout<< or print statements and say just implemented an algorithm" Algorithm(Noun) "Word used by programmers when they do not want to explain what they did"

"Programmer: This Organism is noted for It's unique ability to turn caffeine into Code! i am programmer i have no life"

"I hate the moment when suddenly my anger turns into code ~ pcbots Wallpaper"

"You are the CSS to my HTML"

That's all for today, I hope you people like them. You can comment as anonymous below and give me feed back. Some time i really feel sad that i work really hard and no one see my work. You can also give me any idea, and i will try my best to implement your idea.

Regards, and bye bye!


usmanium said...

I liked the last one ;)

TR4CK3R said...

Last one is awesome :D

Anonymous said...

i too like the last one

Unknown said...

good collection

Anonymous said...

I like the last One.She is cute

Anonymous said...

Really nice, I am glad that i found this, Particularly the last one is good

Anonymous said...


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Shaunak Jagtap said...


Unknown said...

Thumbs up .. Great man (Y)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Vimax said...

thanks for sharing

Luis said...

A programmer should know the language: it's it's not its.

Punit said...

:)i like these wallpapers..

Unknown said...

You have done a great job with the wallpapers. Thank you for sharing them! Greetings from Norway.

Unknown said...

great jobs and great wallpapers imgsrc

Sergey said...

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Unknown said...

Can you share the first one with higher resolution?

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