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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hackers Wallpaper HD By Pcbots - Part-VII

Salam, Me Muhammad Usman, ho ho ha ha . . . :P I m back with my evil smile. Today is Sunday and its raining outside. Quit cold today in Islamabad, Pakistan. So came out of bed and when i came to know it holiday then i got mood to post some thing on my Blog! :D

Ok i got many messages and did not post any Hackers Wallpaper in last 1 month. So today i came up with some hell cool hackers wallpapers. I m sure you will like it.

I consider this Wallpaper is one of my most favorite Wallpaper. Give me motivation and make me feels good mentally. Oops may be i m to evil lol.
"Hackers are real, Monsters are real too. They live Inside us, and sometimes, They Win!"

"The Hacker - This wallpapers is basically for gamer hacker who use scripts and hacks to cheat in Games. Mostly in Counter Strike 1.6. When i used to play i really hate hacker. Really No fun in gaming with hacks and Cheat code. But Hacker is Hacker so Never mess with them. Or just Ban them from Cyber World, Which is kind of impossible"

"Save yourself from hackers. By the way we should really afraid of Programmers rather than hackers. They make Evil Code with just pick you Password like eating peace of chocolate cake hehehe... I m proud to be programmer. In future i will post some cool programming stuff on my blog. Its all about logic and some lines of Code. :)  "

"Real Hacker Live Inside you! According to hitcher brother hacking is an art. Hacker must be artist and should see thing like an art. And Ali thinks hacking is just time waste lol and i vote for Ali lol. Sorry i think i start to leak my thinking on my blog. I should move to next wallpaper"

"Your Future is defined by what you do today. This wallpaper remain as my Laptop(Bad Sector) wallpaper for long time. Give me lot of motivation when i busy in coding. You must also try this and Do it! Don't want to time."

"Mannnn... i can't tell what was this Image and what i make it. Most of you read or hear the name of famous book of mark kevin. Book name was quit cool it was Ghost in wires. Its true we are Ghost in wires and now also become ghost in real world lol "

"I am a hacker, Enter my world. I think i don't need to write any thing about this wallpaper because it can speak by its own. Real world always kick us and Cyber world acknowledge us! That's true and i know this really well"

"It's ON dear. Challenge us and we will show you what we got."

" hehehe,,, It feels good to see this wallpapers. Once i used to hack with a RAT. It was private version gift form my Russia friend. It has a very cool feature name as "Matrix Chat". When any system was owned and xploited then we can make a pop chat room on victim screen. And believe me, it was hell fun and very inspiring from victims lol"

"This is kind of funny wallpaper. Esc want to run and we need Ctrl to control it"

"Noobs. Every day thousand of noobs hit my malware and viruses. Only thing they do is Say Whaaaaaatt...!"

"Creative Minds Never Sleep! I thing no need to say any thing more"

"I feel really really numb when i came to know that they kill him. He always be our legend."

"WikiLeaks - The truth will always win"

"Give a person Mask and he will show you his real face"

"Their crime is curiosity - Hackers
Now if you see this movie, you will definitely laugh too much but still most respected movie for hacker because this movie was the one who introduce world with word HACKER
Now if you want to see hackers movie then watch War Games, Sword fish and my favorite movie Die Hard 4.0"

That's all for today. I hope some one will like my work. If not NO problem Next time i will try more hard. Soon me and Ali are coming with some new projects and will teach some hacking stuff to you peoples. Defacing is time waste, Learn coding.

For More Hackers Wallpapers

Do some thing constitutive for peoples rather than just damaging stuff.

See you next time. If you people got any comment or any advice for me. Do comment or mail me at usman, , Allah Hafiz and bye bye..!!!


M3GAFAB said...

Die Hard 4.0 the best hack Movie ever :-) ..... ^_^

Anonymous said...

Nice work keep it up ;)

Anonymous said...

nice baby

Anonymous said...

You seem to have a bride phantasy - but no idea about hacking.

Nice Images

best regards, Klaas H.

Anonymous said...

Nice picks bro I'm a hacker

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