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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hackers Wallpaper HD By Pcbots - Part-VIII

Salam, Remember me ?? Me Muhammad Usman. Yeah i know i back after long time. Sorry, Really time is not in my control. Today is Sunday and i have tons of school work reaming but today i decide to post some thing on Blog and after 3 4 hours i m ready for this post.

I know lot of hacking stuff and i only like post my Graphic works on my Blog. One is reason is that Not a single person request me to write some thing on hacking. So why should i waste my time. And Graphic is best waste of time when i am Exhaust. Colors and some motivational words really make me happy. :) Ok now its time to show you today's work.

"Imagine how NORMAL I could have been, If I had not met .... Myself - I think this like really suits well for every hacker. Hacking is just an art in our-self. And when we discover that we want then after that life never ever remain normal. Specially in my Case. lol "

"We are Cheaters.... But we Don't Cheat Humanity..! We hate Study.... But we Love Technology...! We Flirt with Flirters... But we are true lovers....! World can't change us.... But we can change the world.....! We don't have books in hands..... But have revolutionary ideas in mind....! We are the rarest common race on earth.....! Meet us we are the HACKERS....!!!"

"I just found this Wallpapers some where and it was in my Drive about more than a year and its quit cool one. This remember me that i also have a car and i should get out from my room and see the world :P "

"We are Anonymous, We are legion, We don't forgive, We don't forget, United as one, Divided by zero, Expect us.
The above line is for Google so its crawler can show this wallpaper on Google Search but in my personal opinion, As Hacker Anonymous are really so so. But as Media power they really rock. "

"We are Anonymous, We are legion, We don't forgive, We don't forget, Expect us 
Designed by Mr Joe Designata. I think he did Awesome Work so i post it on my blog :)"

"Work Alone! Trust No One! Sleep Less! Dual Personality!
Then you surly are Hacker!
Yeah that how we are, We are not normal people. We got passion about some thing and we can do any thing for that passion"

"Welcome Back, Commander. The only reason why i like this wallpaper is that it make me feel like a Boss. Which feelssss good hehehe...."

"This one is most Classic Wallpaper i got. Only for Classic hackers. Not for Every one. :) "

"Here come our Sniper of OS. Linux the best OS to Exploiting and hacking. Give her some Target and fire the exploit :D BackTrack my Love. But still Windows also got its Importance. Windows got Visual Stdio and some very powerful tool."

"Linux HD Wallpaper - Never mess with Linux, If it got mad then you will pay."

"TeamWork Not for Every one. Its mostly happen in coding projects and one genius don't care or just end his work sooner than others. Both case he rocks lol"

"When i am Sad, I hack..!!"

"Hackers Always Remain at Risk. But No one will get any thing if he/she don't involve in risk. 
No Risk, No Reward"

"In the End, Have Nothing, Just a fake Name. - Hitcher"
"This Wallpaper is For Defacers who hack sites and put their fake name. 
Dudes Remember this very well. I m 100% sure that this wallpaper is not joke."

That's all for today and yeah this time i add background music. If you are Programmer then Check out my Programmer Wallpapers. And plz plz give some one, any one give me feed back. I mostly regret after posting on Blog. I m not a kind of person who copy paste like 99% for Bloggers. So give me feed back. No worry if you hate my work. I will try harder next time. Allah Hafiz and Always speak good with ur friends and family. :)

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Anonymous said...

I am a very big fan of yours plz teach me how to hack facebook make a tutorial plz?

Anonymous said...

Bro its awesome.My eyes got rest after watching these wallpapers ...
and i am in complete charm listening Music :D

LuciFer said...

Hmmmm good , I have a quote for ya if u want reply here :)

Ali HarOon said...

cool Guys.......!!!!!1

Unknown said...

i just came here to say Thanks for that posting (Heart Break Posting)

You Made My Day , Love You

BBMDisplayPictures said...

Very nice collection and amazing to view

Awais Memon said...

thank for shaer image good work

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