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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hackers Wallpaper HD By Pcbots - Part-IX

Salam to All, Specially those who read my Blog on regular basis with full of technical writing issue. 
Man i am damm.. bad in writing but still I never give-up writing. ho ho ha ha.. Like we say it in Urdu "Put la jis na jo putna hai" hehehe.. And if some one new at my Blog then just ignore the above part.

Me "Muhammad Usman" From Islamabad, Pakistan. ooOO What Pakistan???. Now many people must be thinking, here come terrorist or some kind of dude, who play football with hand grenade. You know, Our media image hahaha... Mann.. I don't know, where the hell media came up with these stories. Media is controlled by those who really don't  like us. What ever any one thought about us, I m Still Proud to be Pakistani. I am very very lazy in posting stuff but today i got time due to holiday, i got time to make and post some HD Hackers Wallpapers.

The 2nd admin of Blog, who really is pro "L1nux3rr0r"(P.S: i still hate him). He always say me that i never mention his name. So for the honor of him, i write this mini paragraph. I hope, he will be happy now. If still not then go to hell dude! lol

"It's Impossible. said Pride.
It's Risky. Said Experience.
It's Pointless. Said Reason.
If you really are Hacker!
Then Give it Try - PCbots Lab's
Grey Hat Hacker HD Wallpaper"

"LOL This Wallpaper is Quit funny. I Love the people. And as Hacker i m 100% sure, we always hate peoples. In hackers Worlds, Word is full of noobs. Still i think its very Cool HD Wallpaper"

"This one is my personal favorite. We common people sleeping, Hackers are busy in working. Few years back, i remember those days when i sleep at 5 am and wake up for University at 8 AM. It was my regular habit. I will surly recommend you, don't do this. This will really bring down ur health. I found this Image in very low Quality so i need to make its re size version to make HD. So it can be used as Wallpaper.  Hacker Found HD Wallpaper"

"We are hackers, we exceed for 100%. Hacker can think out side the box. So its perfect Wallpaper to show that there is some thing more that 100%. HD Loading Wallpaper"

"I am password Locked! This time i thought i should add some MAC Wallpapers. To be very frank, i am not really big fan of Macintosh. Still it make hell good business"

"Window 8 Blue Screen Wallpaper. This is new shit you will need in coming windows version. We hope some day windows will become bug free and that will be worst day for hackers lol"

"I know, I know this will wallpaper not make any sense. Just consider it as a dream. There is one more direction that you can think of. Apple is just like pirate. Try to catch people in their illusion and get all their money  "

"I really spend more than Half hour to make this Wallpaper. But in the end i came up with very nice HD Wallpaper. I really hate all these Icons. This Wallpaper can use used for Geeks, Programmers Wallpaper and Any Computer Science Students - Icon that Make you Shit a Brick HD Wallpaper by PCbots"

"I did not make this. I found a year or may be 2 year ago. Who ever make this, Really work awesome. So i thought i should post this. Evil Linux - HD BackTrack Wallpaper - Linux Wallpapers - HD Linux Wallpaper for Hacker and Security experts"

"Binary Wallpaper - It look like very simple Wallpaper but believe me it took lot of time to design this. Reason was my foolishness. I make little mistake, when i start to design this. And i spend lot of time on it but it feels good, when i was done. I must recommend you to use as Wallpaper. It look dammm cool. - HD Programmer Wallpaper - HD Binary Matrix Wallpaper "

"Here come the Backhat Criminal. If some one told me to define hackers then i must say "Hacker is just a criminal with government paycheck" haha... i have no idea what then hell i just said.
Blackhat Hacker in Red light HD Wallpaper"

"Hacker Virus Loading... HD Wallpaper. This Wallpaper is Designed by Steven Becks. So he is one who have all copy Rights. Awesome work dude! I don't like wallpaper with huge water marks so i remove that, Sorry about that Steven but this is how world works."

"I was Quit good in DIP(Digital Image Processing) in University. And few days ago my Laptop LCD's some pixels gone dead. I mean in white colors its see dead but in black display, all dead pixel disappear. I think my laptop get old with time(feeling sad). HD DIP Wallpaper - HD Dead Pixels Wallpaper"

"There was a concept of teleportation in old days and people though to transfer our body into binary and can be move from one place to any other with speed of light or you can say on Internet. Still lot of research is going on this topic but no success til now. Dreamer can dream and may be some day this dream also fulfill and change the world. Who know?? 
Binary Blue human matrix HD Wallpaper"

"Hehe... Very Simple and Good Wallpaper. I hope many of you remember Snake Game in Nokia Mobiles. Once Doctor told my friend to play game each morning to have good health and .......... he start to play Snake Game very morning :P . By the way it was joke and worst one. But still i don't care i am laughing hahahaha....- HD Snake Game Wallpaper"

"Smoking Computer Mouse HD Wallpaper. Look cool na ?? i know it is. These kind of sututaion came mostly with gaming geeks.  Poor mouse.  "

"3D Modal of Earth in Hand HD Wallpaper. "

"Being the Richest man int he cemetery doesn't matter to me... Going to bed at night saving. We have done something Wonderful.. That;s what matter to me
Steve Jobs, 1955-2011"

"Sometime i feel like giving up. Then i Remember, I have lot of motherf**kers To Prove Wrong.
I am very much sure that many of hackers think like same. hahaha... Am i right? I am! - HD Hackers Wallpaper"

That's all for today. Man i m not so tired now. Its not easy to update blog mannn.... I hope you will like it. Do give me feed back, it may be good or bad or what ever you want to say. I also take request. I give permission to post comment on blog as Anonymous so if u don't want to show urself then just comment as anonymous. Your feedback really mean to me. You can also mail me at Now a day i m quit busy with my personal project but i will try my best to update Blog every weekend.  If i say some thing wrong in my Blog then its good. Do what ever you want to do hahaha... XD JDK(Just kidding).

For More:- Hackers Wallpapers

Man i m so tired now. It seems like nothing but i think it tool about 4 5 hours. 
But Chill, Without pain we never get any thing. 
L1nux3rr0r and PhpBuGz started to make WordPress and Blogger Themes. So soon i will write post about it. Till that time see ya. And Remember me your prayers. 
Bye bye and Take care of yourself.




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beauty :-*

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i found this blog very interesting and i am sure that i am going to read it <3

Movies Raja said...
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BBMDisplayPictures said...

Nice to view, I pick one of the wallpaper in this post for my phone screen.

sarah lee said...
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seshu kumar said...

i'm scrolling through the page... and suddenly heard some music... and you know what it perfectly synchronized to the post... thank you admin it's really inspiring.. sorry for my english if i'm wrong.

asim seo said...

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