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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Anonymous Hackers DP(Display Picture) - By pcbots Part-2

Hello, Me back! 

Things is lot change now. Yeah i know i know that i did not update blog about long time. Really every one, Now life become hell busy. Work work and more work. Today is Eid holiday so i get time to update blog. I really got lot of ideas in my mind but don't have time to make stuff. 

This is kind of just test post for warm up. I have few Dark side images in my "Bad Sector"(My Laptop Name). So i thought i should make them public.

"Old times, when used to hack free Wifi on streets."

"Anonymous Girl Hackers DP By pcbots"

"Anonymous Hackers DP By PCbots"

"Black hat is always very attractive for me. Blackhat Anonymous Girl DP"

"No idea who is she but she is looking kind of cool. What u say?"

"Scary! Behind a mask there is an Idea, And Ideas are kiss proof"

"Black hat dude with smokey apple"

"That's me. back at my village home. Very Scary place and without editing , i feel like Ninja"

That's all. I know this is very small post but dude u know, i have to work for living. :)

Bye Bye and see Ya!


Anonymous said...

Ya thats cool :D

Shelly Zhang said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Anonymous group ksai add hotai h

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