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Friday, May 1, 2015

Pain VS Hope ~ My Life Experience

Salam, Hello i m back on Blog. This time again off time post. One thing, i want to say is that Life is not easy and with passage of time, thing will only goes worst. :/ So when ever i get in difficult situation then i try to find answers. I m not sure that i find any thing useful or NOT but i try my best. Very interesting thing i learn is that in University, they teach me many useless subjects and those subjects have NO use at all in job or in real life. But they did not teach us the most important lesson that how to SURVIVE in this world. :(

You will never ever be successful, 
Until you turn your pain into greatness. 
Until you allow your pain to push you from where you are, to where you need to be. 
Stop running from your pain and embrace your pain. 
Your pain is going to be a part of your prize, a part of your product. 
I challenge you to push yourself.

There are two options, 1st one is that bear pain when we are young and work hard, work smart as much as we can. 2nd option will be life time pain. Because in Quran, Allah pak write very clearly that "People think that they will be left alone because they say: "We believe," and will not be tested" So we will be tested in life all time. Yeah i know its not easy but its rule made my nature. 

One more very interesting words i found in an Anime.
"When people get hurt,
they lean to hate ...
When people hurt others, they become hated and racked with guilt.
But knowing that pain allows people to become Kind.
Pain allows people to Grow...
how you grow is up to you.
"Jiraiya Sensei"

 "When u speak to ALLAH, don't be embarrassed to tell HIM anything.
 The most beautiful thing is that HE knows, What you are about to tell HIM yet 
 HE still Listens"

-  The above part of blog was written before 1 September because i lost my job. And i was lost that what i m would going to do. I hate to do job and i want to make my own company but my parents are forcing me to do job. I m naturally not kind of person who is meant for work for others. I can't make my parents sad. :( I thought that was my top level to bear pain. 

Today is 30 September and i m in my room, Trying to figure out, what is going on with my life.

On 1st September i lost my Best friend Haris Farooq. We went together to university for 3 years on bike. Went for hiking many time together. Always do shopping together. I m out of money then haris is my option and if he need any thing i will be their for him. Study together, in last 4 years i did not spend that much time with my parent and home as much i spend with haris. He is no longer in this world. i was lost about 4 week. Today i got little normal so i decide to blog. I have no more tears left to cry more. Haris was only person in real life, who respect me from heart in front of world. When my friend gone, all my other pain gone. I found out how much small life span, we have. :'( 

Its very difficult to answer that why all this bad stuff happen to me. Some people lost friend or some one important to them. Few lost their love. Few lost their hope. Few fighting with themselves.  
All these states will end a same place. Answer of "Loneliness". If you are pain then you will surly try to find loneliness and will try to isolate yourself. 

If you do that you will enter in depression and you will ask yourself again and again, What is wrong with me. You will lost faith in love, in friendship, in hope and in every thing. I pass from this stage that is why i m tell that. This is possible that i m wrong. But chances are really less. What i experience was not fake. It was real. 100% real. 

Loneliness is not going to save you. NOT AT ALL.  

Loneliness will make your life more worst. There their are two options.
1. Find a friend who really care about it. He/She can help you to get rid of Loneliness and help to be normal again.
2. Who ever trust this world will surly get heart. So try to find GOD and ask him for help. Trust me you will feel great after asking for forgiveness from Allah. He never let you alone or unhappy. Condition is simple that you need to ask Allah for help. Without Dua(Prayer), You are not going to helped by GOD.

Don't lose hope. Time will change. Time will Change. Time will surly change. Allah pak will change time.

It could be worse than now. If u thing that u are now in pain more than whole world. You are Wrong. There is always some one, who is in more bad condition then you. People in places will Kashmir or Palestine. There are kid who lose every one. Really every one. What is your pain compare to that. Nothing! This is world. No one care about any one. Its fact.
Why Make it Worse by Not Being Patient?
Remember Allah Pak. He is God, He created us. He knows really well, how much Pain we can handle.
If you think bad or Negative then depression, stress and sadness came into your heart. But hope on Allah bring Happiness.  

If Allah pak give us pain and we still not move or do any thing, then we will get more pain from Allah pak. Only thing we need to do is accept that we are sorry. And start to move on then you will see that all pain start to go and thing will start to get better.

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