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Friday, March 28, 2014

Programmers And Coders Wallpapers HD By PCbots - Part - II

Elo, It's me Muhammad Usman, Today i got again some free time so i m going to pass it while blogging. Enjoy tea in my PCbots Lab's.

Today, its time for Programmers Wallpapers. I make very Good team of Programmers. So i make these Wallpapers for motivation of my new team. And Every one, who like to code, will like these wallpapers. 

"HD Programmers and Coders Wallpaper - Who is Programmer ? A tool for converting caffeine into Code. By PCbots"

"Need to Code? Caffeine Loading.... Please Wait - Programmer HD Wallpaper by PCbots"

"Keep Your Friend Close. And your charger closer. By PCbots"

"This is kind of programmer way of becoming awesome - By PCbots"

"Threading is very important part in Programming. If we got server involve then hell many of coding thread is need. Just a simple Wallpaper to give reminder of threading. Enjoy"

"Paper work is very very important for coders. A very awesome Wallpaper of laptop and paper work for coding."

"I think, our own computer is like heaven. Trust the computer, Its Your Friend. HD Wallpaper of Programmer Computer"

Some time, Computer come Evil. Like we say
"Don't hate Hacker, Hate the Code"

Founder of Linux say very interesting quot and i convert it into Wallpaper.
"Talk is cheap. Show me the Code - Linus Tarvalds" HD Programmer Wallpaper

"Lua - I specially add this wallpaper because most of people don't know about Lua Programming Language. Its mostly used for Scripting and few very awesome scripts are coded in Lua"

"There are only 2 parties that are seen like this. 1st one's are Programmers and coders. 2nd party is hackers. Most hard workers people, but they got power to change world. Respect for them."
Programmer Found HD Wallpaper By PCbots

"Trust me, I'm a Programmer HD Wallpaper By PCbots"

"Tea and Coffee is very important part of Programmers Life. Tea Time :) "

"Ctrl + W , Ctrl + O = Eyes Mind. Only Geek People Can Understand this. :)"

"Keep Clam and Love Programming."

"Team Work, NOT for Everyone - BY PCbots"

"If you Never Failed, You Never Tried Anything New"

"This is your Lifethis is your country and if you want to keep it safe, you need to get Involved. 
- Aaron Awartz 1986-2013.
Wallpaper Created By PCbots"

That's all for Today. Man i m so much tired after this. Not easy work.
Also check out my old collection of Programmers and Coders Wallpapers.

Programmers And Coders Wallpapers HD by PCbots

Work hard very one. It does not matter, you earn any thing or Not. If some one work hard, he/she will get reward. Keep remember me in your prayers. Allah Hafiz and Bye! :)

Plz comments, Even if you hate them. So i will able to know that some one really check it out. Your feedback always keep me going.



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Muhammad Usman - Designer, Security Expert and Programmer.
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arman udarbe said...

i like your wallpapers! (y)

Danyal Malik said...

Beautifull man...

Anonymous said...

Good work as always ;) Worth appreciating

Ibrahim said...

Brother Nice Collection :) Thanks for sharing.

Faraz Khan said...

Awesome collection bro <3

Lisa Ding said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome wallpapers, but the last one.. He is Aaron Swartz (S), not Swartz (A)...

Aleksander Heintz said...

I was wondering if it was ok for me to use one of these on my blog?

Cindy Dy said...
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Zach Olds said...

In your last one, his last name is "Swartz" not "Awartz" lol. Great work though!

Anonymous said...

is that ok if use one of these wallpapers for my card?

BBMDisplayPictures said...

These wallpapers are stunning to view

santanu achar said...
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Anonymous said...

Awesome [[~]]

Hsiaohui said...


adi nugroho said...

it's cool

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