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Thursday, March 20, 2014

DDOS(Distributed Denial of Service) Attack Introduction ~ By PCbots

Salam, Me Muhammad Usman, live from my PCbots Lab's.

Today i m going to discuss about DDOS. Its very funny technique because its very difficult to stop. Its very common way to take down any server for temporarily amount of time. If server start responding then you site goes down. The worst thing about DDOS is that attacker need NO skills to attack on server. Attacker just need correct tools or bots and real IP of server.

What is DOS or DDOS ?
DOS stands for "Denial of Service" and DDOS stands for "Distributed Denial of Service" attack. In DDOS, An army of compromised system started to attack on single target. This will flood server with fake request and server goes down or stop responding.

DDOS Real Life Example:
If some one not able to understand then i give you a real life example. 
lets suppose, we have 1 eating table, which will act as server and 5 people can eat on table at a time. If some extra person can, those can wait in waiting room. Waiting room can keep 4 people waiting. In Computer Science, we call waiting room a "Que". 
So what will happen, if 10 more people came ??? Think about it.
Table is fill for specific time and more and more people are coming. Soon there will be no space on table as well as in waiting room. So No one is going to eat any thing. 
Same thing happen in DDOS. Server got too many request so it can't able to handle them all and server goes down. I hope you will understand idea of DDOS with eating example. 
And after example i started to feel hungry. :| Dammm.. you DDOS.

How many kinds of DDOS ?
Now i m going little advance. There are hundreds of way to create a DDOS attack but if we see as bird eye then all attacks lies in 3 categories. 
1. Volumetric Attacks:-
The main idea about volumetric attacks are to consume all bandwidth with in network of target server OR between the bandwidth of Target server and Internet. So there will be no bandwidth for public user of server or target. In simple words to heart fail the network between internet and target server. 

2. TCP State-Exhaustion Attacks:-
TCP State-Exhaustion is quit interesting. When we talk about TCP connection then we will also talk about connection state tables. These connection state table are present in many places in server. i.e firewall, server applications, and any other service working on server. The more services running on server, the more server is vulnerability to DDOS. Its true that due to threading, its possible to maintaining states on millions but still its not so difficult to take down those services.

3. Application Layer Attacks:-
Very very common attack in last 2 to 3 years and quit difficult to stop it. Basically in Application layer attacks, we only target some specific application running on target server. i.e HTTP GET flood. This attack don't need lot of traffic so few machine can attack on target server and due to low traffic, it become very difficult to to detect. 

How to DDOS Attack? - Unleash the HELL ( ^_^ )
There are hell many Scripts, tools and botnets to throw packets on server.  Just Google it and you will find too many results. Google Images
We got some php scripts and i think we forgot to put DDOS script in Madspot Shell :/ 
We got Python, ruby, Perl, php scripts for DDOS from server to Target server.
We got some tools in and C# for through UDP packets from your PC to target Server.
We also got some old Russian DDOSer in C++ and C. Hell fast and threading at high number.
We also got botnets, i think, i also show you a screen short.

You can generate about 50GB/s DDOS attack on Server using Botnets. Mostly server goes down with only 2GB/s DDOS. But its totally illegal and very noobish thing to do. 

How to Protect ?
- Hide your real IP.
- Get Powerful server.
- Use fake IP like Cloud-flare
- Use Script to block IP's which give too much extra traffic from your server.

When you have to fight with botnets then its quit difficult to stop DDOS. Only powerful server is solution which can bear hell of traffic. 

Today i talk about only introduction about DDOS. This month, i will not write any thing advance because if you don't know about basic then how can you understand advance logics. Like if you find SQL Injection on site DB and it did not give you admins password but you can use that injection point for DDOS on Database. I will teach you about these advance techniques in next section. Use Google! 
That's all for today. i m now really tired after writing this post. I need a drink :( Some one ? Any one ? So No one :( lol just kidding. i m going to cafe :D

Little Advice:
The world is full of niCe people, If you don't find one then Be One! :)

If you need to ask me some thing directly then you can find me on social media with user name "usman.pcbots"(Skype, fb, Gtalk), PCbots Lab's

Bye Bye and keep learning.....


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