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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Robot Pirates Wallpapers, Pakistani Hackers

AOA, I m back, Live from PCb0ts Lab's. This time i came up with an idea, Thanks to chat with some friends. So i thought i should make some Wallpapers for reminder that Pakistan also got few Good hackers in Past. Last time i made wallpapers from MadLeeTs and Xploiters. So Now i am going to Start new Series of Wallpapers of Each Team in Past. I m going to Start with Robot Pirates because lot of data about them is available on their Blog. Next will be PAKbugs, ZHC, MLA, Urdu Hack and others who left cyber world but remain in history as proud of Pakistan. 

I m very lazy about work so i just reuse already available images to make these, But believe me its not easy. I take lot of time to finalized all these Wallpapers. 

This Group was quit unique in Cyber World because they are all Malwares Experts and Programmers. So They deserve place on my Blog and New hackers must know them. They were Active in Cyber World from 2011 - 2012. 

"Robot Pirates Hackers Logo Wallpaper"

"CFR Robot Pirate"

"Reaper Grim Robot Pirate"

"Zqor Robot Pirate"

"Ninja Kai Robot Pirate"

"3xploit Robot Pirate"

"Sound Tack Used in most of there Deface Page."

That's all, i was able to find about them. I hope this Series will be Quit interesting. 


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