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Monday, March 17, 2014

Introduction to Hacking - Noobs Friendly ~ PCbots Lab's

AOA, Live from my PCbots Lab's. My Name is Muhammad Usman. I m from Islamabad, Pakistan. 

Today, i am going to talk about some basic technique about hacking. Off course, we will also about in detail in future but today will just talk about basics.

What is Hacking ?
Every one has their own definition of hacker, But i think, Hacker is person who think outside the Box. Who explore system and see and observe things in different angle. 
Let's have an example. What happen, when you see things very closely ??
It become very difficult to observe things. So we just need to change angle to see things. It will give us more information and better view. 

There are different "Types of Hackers". You can read in link, if you want to know more. 

What we have for hacking ?
Now the most basis question about hacking is about devices for hacking. There is huge list.
We have Windows, Windows phones, Linux, Android, SCADA, Networks, Servers(Linux, Unix, Windows, MAC and many many more), Banks, VPS, SMTP servers and each and every thing which is connected with Internet. By the way, those devices which are not connected to internet can also be hacked but its after long way to go. We need medium to hack any thing. 
Only GOD is perfect. So every system make by man must have some venerability or mistake in it. Hacker are those, who exploit those mistakes made programmers mostly. 

How many techniques for hacking?
This question is very difficult to answer because now in 2014, we have 1000's of techniques for hacking. Even people are hacking flying drones of army. 

- For Servers and defacers
SQL Injection
XXS, Cross sites Scripting
DNS Poisoning and Port Exhaustion
Kernel rooting
Social Engineering(Making fool dump Admins)
LFI, Web 0days and bugs.
DDOS (Denial of Service Attack)

- For Regular Computers User
spy tools
Shared data
Cookies hijacking
Fake Tools(Like Facebook hacking software's)
and many many more. 

Who are more dangerous then hackers??
The Answer is "Cracker"or "Black-hat". These are some hell genius people, There fight is with System. They find ways to Crack system and create damage. Never mess with them on Internet. 

If you want to become "Ethical hacker OR White Hat Hacker Or Security Expert"(Person who stop Hackers) then Google every topic separately and understand working of Computers and Systems. Hacking is all about Determination with mind that can think outside the box. And if you work hard, you will surly become hacker. 

Only thing is person to see is his/her manners. Never forget this. 

If you want to ask any Question then you can find me on Social media with usman.pcbots(Gmail, Skype, Facebook). Or comment. That's all for today. See you Next time. Allah Hafiz. :)


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